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FIFINE A16 Wireless Gaming Computer Speaker Party-AmpliGame Bluetooth RGB Desktop Speaker


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  1. Brand: FIFINE
  2. Speaker Type: Soundbar
  3. Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB Disk, TF Card
  4. Special Feature: Usb Port
  5. Recommended Uses For Product: For Computers, For Smartphones or Tablets

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FIFINE A16 Computer Speaker, Bluetooth Wireless Gaming RGB Desktop Speaker, Aux-in Wired Jack, USB Powered, for PC Laptop Phones, External E-Sport Speaker for Streaming Party-AmpliGame

High-Quality Gaming PC Speaker with RGB Lighting – Enhance Your Gaming Experience

FIFINE A16 Speaker size

Powerful Sound

Our gaming FIFINE A16 Speaker, equipped with dual built-in speaker drivers, delivers high-impact audio with balanced bass. The dual diaphragm design produces vibrant sound, providing the extra push you need for a competitive edge in your games. Experience dynamic audio that immerses you in your favorite movies, games, videos, or music. This desktop speaker is designed to meet all your listening needs.

Impactful Audio

  • Balanced bass
  • Dual diaphragm design for vibrant sound
  • Competitive advantage in games
  • Immersive audio for all media types

FIFINE A16 Speaker sound clarity

Colorful RGB Lighting

The Bluetooth computer speaker for desktop features four captivating RGB lighting modes. An external RGB control button allows you to effortlessly switch between modes, customizing the lighting to match your music, gaming, or party theme. The vivid and cool lights emanating from the RGB speaker elevate the aesthetics of your gaming setup, creating a festive atmosphere to enhance your gaming experience.

Convenient Adjustment: The desktop gaming speaker for PC boasts six functional mechanical buttons, each serving specific purposes like RGB control, volume adjustment, and music playback control. These intuitive controls allow you to master the functions without wasting your valuable gaming or party time. The illuminated buttons further enrich your visual experience.

Colorful RGB Lighting

  • Four RGB lighting modes
  • Easy mode switching
  • Customized lighting themes
  • Aesthetic enhancement for your setup

FIFINE A16 Speaker Rgb

Freely Lasting Use

Our Bluetooth 5.1 FIFINE A16 Speaker ensures fast pairing and an extended operating range, guaranteeing stable connections with your devices. This wireless computer speaker for laptops offers the freedom to start your music parties or gaming sessions at your convenience. With a rechargeable battery that doesn’t require replacement, this LED Bluetooth speaker is both eco-friendly and economical, ensuring you have more time to enjoy your music.

Convenient Adjustment

  • Six functional mechanical buttons
  • Intuitive controls
  • Save time during gaming or parties
  • Enhanced visual experience with illuminated buttons


Plug and Play

The monitor speaker boasts versatile compatibility with wireless Bluetooth and a wired 3.5mm Aux-in connection. It also features USB/TF card/microphone interfaces, making it perfect for use with PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, PS4/PS5, projectors, monitors, and TVs. No drivers are needed, and you won’t experience sound delays. This soundbar’s user-friendly operation makes it suitable for home or office use, delivering an immersive experience for gaming, music, or movies anywhere, anytime.

FIFINE A16 Speaker compatibility

Plug and Play

  • Versatile compatibility
  • No drivers required
  • No sound delays
  • User-friendly operation
  • Enjoy gaming, music, or movies anywhere, anytime


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