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FIFINE M6 Wireless Microphone Lavalier Lapel System for Phones/Tablets


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  • Brand FIFINE
  • Connectivity Technology 2.4GHz
  • Connector Type USB Type-C
  • Special Feature Clip
  • Compatible Devices phone, Tablet
  • Color Black
  • Included Components Battery
  • Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
  • Microphone Form Factor microphone system
  • Power Source Battery Powered

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FIFINE M6 Wireless Microphone Lavalier Lapel System for Phones/Tablets, 2.4GHz Cordless Condenser Omnidirectional Clip-on Mic, USB C Receiver, for Video, Interview, Vlog, YouTube, Recording-M6

FIFINE M6 Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone System for Phones/Tablets

The rise in smartphone camera quality is undeniable, but the internal microphone falls short. Overreliance on it leads to poor audio quality and limited usability.

To overcome these issues and make the most of your high-performance smartphone camera, consider pairing it with a versatile wireless lav mic like the FIFINE M6. This microphone addresses the shortcomings of internal smartphone mics and offers several advantages.

The FIFINE M6 is incredibly easy to set up. There’s no need for a complex mixer or adapters. Simply connect the USB-C receiver to your Android smartphone, turn on the transmitter, and they’ll automatically pair. It’s best used with USB-C devices, ensuring a hassle-free setup for various applications like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, video conferencing, or audio recording. The receiver’s LED light provides a clear connection status.

 compact size

This setup is not only simple but also unobtrusive. The receiver is compact and matches the dimensions of most USB-C mobile devices. Plus, it doesn’t dangle from your phone, ensuring the microphone won’t get in your way.

FIFINE M6 Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone System for Phones/Tablets Charging And Recording

Digging deeper into its features, the receiver not only connects via USB-C but also provides an additional USB-C port for real-time monitoring or charging your device. While using a USB-C monitoring jack may require an adapter or USB-C headphones, the ability to monitor audio in real-time is invaluable for live situations and conferences.

Being wireless means relying on battery power, but the FIFINE M6 operates differently. It draws power from your phone and even offers a battery-charging channel through its USB-C port, ensuring you won’t run out of power during crucial moments.

FIFINE M6 Transmission Range

The user-friendly design extends to the transmitter as well. It features a convenient mute button, which also functions as the on/off switch. This eliminates the need to disconnect the entire system or unplug the receiver to pause your live stream or conference.

Additionally, the transmitter’s USB-C charging port doubles as a live monitoring jack, allowing you to listen to the microphone’s real-time audio feed, even when the receiver’s headphone jack is out of reach.

FIFINE M6 battery life and sound clarity

The transmitter operates on its rechargeable power, offering up to 6 hours of battery life on a single 90-minute charge. You won’t need a bulky power bank for an extended live stream.

Even the clip is designed with versatility in mind, allowing 360° rotation to adapt to various clothing and clipping positions, offering more recording options. It’s designed for comfort and adds no extra weight to your clothing.

In terms of convenience, the FIFINE M6 outperforms both wired lav mics and shotgun microphones. Wired lav mics often have cables that get in the way, limiting your movement. On the other hand, shotgun microphones are more susceptible to picking up background noise, particularly at longer distances. The FIFINE M6 wireless lav mic offers superior noise rejection, making it ideal for experimenting with different angles and distances in video recording and live streaming, even at a 50-foot range.

Incorporating the FIFINE M6 wireless microphone into your setup can significantly enhance your audio quality and overall user experience.

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